The Top 5 Nurse Communities to Follow, Like, & Join

The Top 5 Nurse Communities to Follow, Like, & Join

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If you manage to take a break this shift, be sure to check out some of our favorite online sites.

There’s some great resources here if you are looking to expand your career, or, if you are just looking for some humor to wind down with after work! Give some of these links a look and let us know if you think we should add to the list.



The Top 5 Nurse Twitter Accounts to Follow


Top 5 Nurse Grid

1. | @Nurse_com

Anyone who has “Nurse” as their website domain has to be good at what they do. If you’re looking for the latest updates including nursing news, job opportunities, and continuing education. Whether you’re a veteran nurse or just out of school, should be on your radar.


Top 5 Nurse Grid

2. Nurse Problems | @Nurse_Problems

We’ve all been there. Long shifts, unruly patients, and our wits end are part of the job as much as any other profession. The brilliant team at Nurse Problems provide the NurseGrid Team witty remarks and retorts than any nurse can relate to after a twelve-hour shift.


3. Scrubs Magazine | @ScrubsMagazine

Top 5 Nurse Grid

“The leading lifestyle nursing magazine” is also one of the greatest social media users for nurses. While Scrubs Magazine does a lot more online than just Twitter – seriously, their domination of Pinterest for Nurses is out of this world – their Tweets are a great way to engage and interact with a magazine who truly cares about their subscribers, no matter the platform.


Top 5 Nurse Grid

4. Nursing Times | @NursingTimes

The great thing about NursingTimes is their perfect combination of original news content and retweets from other great sources. If you’re looking to build out your Twitter account with a great amount of followers, Nursing Times can point you in the right direction, and bring you all your nurse news in one place.


Top 5 Nurse Grid

5.WeNurses | @WeNurses

WeNurses has just as great content as the next nurse Twitter page, but Tweet Chats changed the game for us. The greatest way to learn and interact with other nurses is through the frequent chat sessions WeNurses hosts the the community. Our only complain is that we wish there were more!


The Top 5 Nurse Blogs to Follow


1. The Nerdy Nurse

Top 5 Nurse Grid

Personally, I’m a nurse who can’t get enough technology (just look at where I work), and finding The Nerdy Nurse a short time ago was like an oasis in the middle of a desert. With a great combination of tech reviews and advocacy in a nursing context, Brittney Wilson is a force to be reckoned with. Also check out her latest guide to technology!


2. What Should We Call Labor and Delivery

Top 5 Nurse Grid

Fresh content and witty cultural references have me checking this blog daily. Very few nurses out there can somehow tie both Fight Club and Aladdin into the nursing world so effortlessly. This Tumblr is relatively new compared to other popular nursing blogs out there, but definitely keep it on your radar as its following undoubtedly increases.


3. Digital Doorway

Top 5 Nurse Grid

Nursing life coach Keith has helped a vast amount of nurses through his efforts specifically tailored to nursing and healthcare professionals. His blog, however, is also something worth noting. With a weekly dose of interesting insights, Nurse Keith will always keep us coming back for more.


Top 5 Nurse Grid

4. Innovative Nurses

With content varying from life hacks for nurses to interesting expositions on the history of nurses, Innovative Nurses always leaves an impression on me. Tips and tricks are just part of what these guys have to offer; they also deliver great contests that are just too good to be true.


Top 5 Nurse Grid

5. Self Employed Nurse

The NurseGrid team is a healthy mix of nurses and business people, and Self Employed Nurse is positioned “at the intersection of nursing and business.” For all the nurse entrepreneurs out there, this site is a must, with all the information you need to let that entrepreneurial spirit run free while always remaining a nurse at heart.


The Top 5 Nurse Online Communities to Join


1. All Nurses

Top 5 Nurse Grid

If you haven’t heard of AllNurses, stop what you are doing right now and join their community! By far, one of the strongest communities online, AllNurses provides a place from nurses of all ages and backgrounds to communicate with one another. Whether a nursing student looking for advice or a charge nurse looking for some insight, all can be found here. Plus, their Facebook site, Nurses Rock, is a must for all the avid Facebook nurses out there!


Top 5 Nurse Grid

2. Mighty Nurse

Feel inspired every time you log in, as Mighty Nurse truly makes every nurse out there feel like a superhero. Whatever you’re looking for – cartoons, career advice, or a hilarious video to bide your time, Mighty Nurse has it. I would also recommend checking out their Facebook page, the best way to start your morning feeling mighty.


3. Next Wave Connect

I found these guys through Brittney Wilson (mentioned above), and they are looking to change the way we communicate as healthcare professionals. As fellow pioneers in trying to bring healthcare into the 21st century, we are behind you guys 110%!



4. Ultimate Nurse

Top 5 Nurse Grid

Ultimate Nurse is a great compliment to All Nurses, together covering a wide range of forums. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a place for you at Ultimate Nurse, with different forums separated by nurse type, experience level, and even heritage.



5. Nursing Voices

We are more than happy to share our catchphrase, “For Nurses, By Nurses” with the folks over at Nursing Voices. The greatest element of this community is how global the backgrounds of its members are. You never know where in the world the nurse you’re discussing the NCLEX with is studying, a great reminder that nursing is not just an incredible professional, but also a universal one.



So there are our top 5 nurse lists across the web. Comment with any additional places you like to receive the latest nursing news!

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Zach is currently a pediatric nurse and marketer for NurseGrid. He has been a nurse for over 5 years working with a multitude of populations. As one of the founding members of NurseGrid, Zach has helped ensure that the app is as perfect as possible for nurses.


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